Hook for returning specific information on an Aptos NFT collection.

import { useCollection } from "aptosjs"


import { useCollection } from "aptosjs"
function App(){
  const { data, loading, error } = useAccount({
    creatorAddress: "0xc0e3fbf8ae61056d66ce624d71ccf1888f879355cc4e364ef117249b5e3160a8", 
    collectionName: "Aptomingos",
    network: "mainnet"
  if (loading) return <div>Loading...</div>
  if (error) return <div>Error: {error}</div>
  return <p>Collection Name: {data?.name}</p>

Example Return

 description: "1212 flamingos on the Aptos blockchain striving for a stronger and more educated ecosystem. The first of hopefully many interesting experiments conducted by B.FLY LABS.",
 https_uri: "https://ipfs.io/ipfs/bafkreibmb7frskjxvczmpltlp3n2ts4peoaag324hxziphdmrwll6tprj4",
 maximum: 1212,
 name: "Aptomingos",
 supply: 1212,
 uri: "ipfs://bafkreibmb7frskjxvczmpltlp3n2ts4peoaag324hxziphdmrwll6tprj4"

Input Values

  creatorAddress: string, 
  collectionName: string,
  network: "mainnet" | "testnet" | "devnet"

Cretor Address (required)

The address of the creator of the NFT collection

creatorAddress: string

Collection Name (required)

The name of the collection you want to query

collectionName: string

Network (required)

The specific network on the Aptos blockchain you want to get data from.

network: "mainnet" | "testnet" | "devnet"

Return Values

  name: string, 
  description: string, 
  maximum: Int, 
  supply: Int,
  uri: string, 
  https_uri: string